Welcome to the 7th edition of Labyrinth Catalunya! We are very happy to announce seven new seminars as well as concerts &  jams that will take place from 13 to 17 April 2022 in Pontós – Girona. The seminars cover a wide range of musical styles, instruments and thematics that the teachers bring with them: from West African to Indian Classical music, Breton and Irish music to Mevlevi and Iranian music as well as composition, improvisation and arrangement in Modal music.

Our goal is, as always, to facilitate access to musics from around the world, that are less represented, be it traditional or classical, with sole criterion their musical and cultural value, and not their commerciality or the easiness with which they can migrate towards easy-listening, or be part of an orientalist and exotic view or a fashion of “world music”. We like to see Labyrinth as a place where teachers share their vision of music, bringing all the influences, creative and aesthetic values that make up their unique musical style and personality.

A special feature of this 7th edition of Labyrinth Catalunya is that all students and teachers will be hosted in the same space, allowing more interaction and exchange between the participants of the seminars.

The Festival will be held in the context of ”Convent de Pontós”, which has been managed by the association Mutte Cultural for the last four years. It is a space surrounded by nature with plenty of rooms, green areas and unique corners.

We will be sharing 5 days of seminars, jams and concerts in a space that will be available exclusively to the participants of the Labyrinth Festival.

Our intention is to deepen the bond between all people participating in the festival as well as to take even more advantage of the musical and cultural exchange outside the workshops.

April 12: 17hs, Arrival, Check In, welcome and dinner all together.
13 to 17 April: Festival (workshops, extra classes, jams and concerts).
April 18: Breakfast, Farewell and Check Out.


This time, as everything will happen in one place, the price of the festival includes: Accommodation, food, seminar fees (30 hours), the extra classes/rehearsals during the festival and free access to all the concerts!

In case you prefer any of the special accommodation options we have, the extra price will be added to the general price. You will find all the info in ”Accommodation & Prices”.

IMPORTANT: The price includes the night of the 12th and the night of the 17th of April and is fixed, meaning that even if you are not spending some of the nights in Pontós, there will be no discount and the price will remain the same.


NORMAL PRICE: If you register from March 2nd to April 8th: 300€ WORKSHOPS + 275€ Accommodation and food. Total: 575 €



Payment is made in two parts: The first payment will be 260€ before January 7, 275€ before March 8 and 300€ before April 8. 

The second payment will be 275€ + extra accommodation if you have chosen one of the special options offered by Pontós.

The first payment is due during the first week after your registration. You have up to 30 days after your registration to make the second payment.

For more information and our cancellation policy please see ”registration”.

For more details about the different accommodation options and their respective prices, please see ”accommodation and prices”.

If you have questions, you may find answers in:  FAQ. If you still have some questions contact us!


** If you are thinking of coming with your children, contact us, we have the option of offering activities for children!




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