We are thrilled to host for the first time an in-person seminar with Eléonore Fourniau on Kurdish & Anatolian Singing. Being a native French, Eleonore has established an important presence in the last years in the Kurdish community through her unique voice and her – previously unheard of – hurdy gurdy playing. Together with Eléonore we welcome her long time collaborator, Sylvain Barou, one of the foremost exponents of Breton & Celtic music today and an virtuosic multi-instrumentalist that masters instruments as diverse as the Irish auilleann pipes & flute, the Armenian duduk or the Turkish zurna.

Another first is the seminar about Kora and West African music. Momi Maiga grew up in south Senegal and has been playing the kora, one of the region’s most revered instruments, since he was six. Following a legacy of griot storytellers that spans back centuries, his artistic inheritance fosters a deep connection with Mande traditions and their repertoires.

We are also delighted to welcome back in Labyrinth Catalunya Bijan Chemirani that will teach a seminar for percussionists, focusing on frame drums & the Iraninan zarb as well as Ciro Montanari and Jordi Prats that will be teaching together a workshop on Indian classical music, its rhythmic and melodic dimensions, sharing tools for orchestration and composition in this centuries-old musical tradition. Last but not least Efrén López and Christos Barbas, the two artistic co-directors of L.C. will teach seminars on composition, improvisation and arrangement in modal music -in the form of a Music Group- and the Mevlevi Ayin, respectively.




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