We are a non-profitable association devoted to the study, performance and dissemination of classical, traditional and new musics from the Mediterranean & Middle East as well as a platform for creative approaches and new directions to modal musics from any part of the world. We work hard to keep the prices for what we offer – workshops, concerts and week-long meetings of music-making  – as low as possible so that they are accesible to as many people as possible: students, audience and the general public. We have a group of volunteers, offering valuable help in what we do. Even if we have some support by the town hall of Cardedeu and the local government of Catalunya, still our resources are limited so your help is very valuable as it can help us to continue and grow our work. Please consider donating having in mind also that most of the musics we work with have very little or non-existent visibility and promotion through the system of mass media, pop culture or even the big institutions of music & art in the western world. So in this sense this makes your offer even more meaningful and special…! Every contribution, however big or small, is very valuable. Thank you!

Best regards
Labyrinth Catalunya Team
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