16/04 – 19hs


Bijan Chemirani & Momi Maiga

French – Irianian musician Bijan Chemirani, one of Europe’s most talented and creative percussionists, based between Greece and France, will meet kora player Momi, Maiga and Senegalese composer based in Catalonia, to share their art, inspiration and sensitivity for music.

This meeting will take place for the first time on the stage in Pontós, as part of the 7th edition of Labyrinth Catalunya Festival.


Eléonore Fourniau Ensemble (with Christos Barbas, Efrén López, Sylvain Barou & Bijan Chemirani)

With her rich voice and powerful performance, Eléonore Fourniau sings the people of Anatolia. Flying to Turkey in 2010 with a one-way ticket and a backpack, she fell in love with the cultural diversity of this region and spent more than 6 years studying Turkish and Kurdish music and languages.

Internationally acclaimed for the quality of her interpretation Kurdish music, she also sings in other Anatolian languages (Turkish, Laz, Armenian, etc.)

She accompanies herself with a three-stringed lute, the saz, the sacred instrument for the Alevi people, and the hurdy-gurdy, a western instrument of Medieval origin which echoes the mountains of Anatolia or the plains of Mesopotamia under her fingers.

17/04 – 19hs


Efrén López & Christos Barbas

Presenting their new album: Atlas

A new album by Efrén López and Christos Barbas is always good news, especially if it is the first one bytheiracoustic duet, culminating 18 years of shared musicianship and friendship. On Atlas the two musicians reconnect with the power of the acoustic duet’ssound and it’s simplicity, through a series of primarily new compositions and also melodies coming from medieval and ottoman classical traditions with a lot of space and time spent in textural and minimal improvisations. Through years of mutual interaction and shared knowledge, the duet has developed a kind of common vocabulary, a lexicon based on the musical disciplines that each of them have studied in parallel, that are juxtaposed in multiple points and combined with extensive spaces for improvisation, silence and meditation.


Labyrinth Student Orchesta

The Labyrinth Student Orchestra, featuring students and teachers of the 7th edition of the festival, will perform both traditional and new pieces inspired by classical and traditional music from Greece, Turkey and the Middle East, known for conceiving music as an intercultural and timeless element that goes beyond borders and time.

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