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Yasamin Shahhosseini & Ross Daly: Understanding Modality (A comparative study of Iranian and Ottoman Repertory)

In this seminar Yasamin Shahhosseini and Ross Daly will explore and give tools to understand Modality through the study of the musical worlds of the Iranian Radif and that of the Turkish Makam. Enjoying the rare occasion of having both Ross and Yasamin teaching together and their vast experience, students will have the opportunity to delve into an enlightening comparative study of two of the most significant Middle Eastern modal traditions. The Radif and the Makam share many similarities but also display marked differences. An understanding of the one greatly enhances one’s understanding of the other. In this respect they can almost be considered to be two halves of one whole, thus enabling a deeper understanding of Modality as a transcultural musical phenomenon.

Pieces from the older repertoire of both traditions as well as from more contemporary composers will be analyzed and played thus highlighting their common origins and parallel historical development. All instruments capable of reproducing the microtonal intervals of either or both of these traditions will be welcome to participate. This seminar is ideal for newcomers as well as more experienced musicians in Modal music, who are interested in the specific traditions on one hand, but also have a wider cross-cultural interest in music in general.

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