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Yasamin Shahhosseini: Iranian Music / 2nd period / April 10 – 12, 2020

In this seminar, the main focus will be understanding how Iranian classical music works, through practical lessons in the modes (dastgahs) from the repertoire of the music (Radif). Before getting to know the radif system, there will be a short introduction with some historical background about the emergence of the dastgah system and its connection with maqam music.

The students will be familiarized with the concept of Radif as the main repertoire in Iranian music, as well as with other terminology related to the music and structure of the seven main modes and the five secondary ones. During the five days of the workshop, we will go through some of the dastgahs, play them and improvise based on their structure. 

We will work with traditional pieces and learn more about the forms and their rhythmical aspects and also spend time with interpretation, special ornamentation techniques and playing “avaz” (taqsim / improvisation). Audio examples and scores will be given. The seminar is open to all instrumentalists and singers.

Read the more about Yasamin Shahhosseini & listen to her solo album Gāhān on Spotify.


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