Who are we

Christos Barbas (artistic director)
Efrén López (artistic director)
Isabel Vicente Lamazares (Production & Coordination)
Sussana Cabiscol Mora (Assistant Production & Accomodation)
Eleni Lomvardou (graphic designer)
Yiota Vergopoulou (web designer)

Christos Barbas (artistic director)

Playing music and different kinds of flutes is one of the most inspiring things I remember myself doing, since I was 7. Having studied classical music in conservatory and musicology department, it was not till 2003, in the first edition of Labyrinth seminars in Crete / Greece that I saw an amazing musical world opened for me, both new and old, through the study of musics and instruments from Turkey, Bulgaria, India and many others. Since then I became “addicted” to Labyrinth seminars, came back every year, sometimes twice a year, and eventually worked as a volunteer, seminars organiser and later, teacher. I’ve been travelling to Spain and Catalunya regularly since 2005, performing and teaching, most of the times invited by Efrén López. So when I moved to Catalunya / Cardedeu on 2015 on a permanent base, it felt very natural to bring with me this musical endeavour and start the initiative of Labyrinth Catalunya here, together with the “indigenous” Anna Pont. Every year the project has grown and I feel very lucky and happy to form part of this group together with Anna & Laura Freire, Estella Broto, Jordi Alsina & Efrén López.

Efrén López (artistic director)

I decided that I would dedicate my whole life to music when I was nine, once I woke up from a faint, after having blown my trumpet – the instrument with which I started to play music – way too loud. Very soon I understood that, in fact, what mostly gave me pleasure in a musical experience was not simply playing an instrument, but sharing, playing with other people and connecting with them through music. It did not take long time until I decided to switch to guitar, an instrument with which I identified much more, adding later on other string instruments.

Many years later, Ross Daly became my first teacher in a traditional instrument. From him I took Turkish bağlama classes during my stay in the island of Crete on 2000. Upon knowing his “then still future” project to create the Labyrinth center in Houdetsi, Crete, I was constantly waiting for the moment when it would finally open its doors, having the intuition that it would be a place where I would have much to learn. That’s how it happened eventually and since the beginning of the school’s activities I have not missed any year, initially as a student, and since 2006 as a teacher.

This genius idea of Labyrinth, that perhaps at first seemed could seem so utopian, has been firmly established in Crete, its place of origin, after overcoming many obstacles, and for a few years it has begun to spread itself in many places around the globe: Canada, Italy, Catalonia, with several “branches” more to come.

Despite having the same name, the idea has always been that each Labyrinth center should have its own personality and autonomy, with unique features that would adapt the original spirit to the specificity of each place.

It is of great pleasure for me to form, in some way, part of this big family. And also as part of our small family of Labyrinth Catalunya, I would like to invite everyone to support, value as it deserves and help grow this unique project.

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