Zohar Fresco

Zohar Fresco

Born in Israel to a family of Turkish descent, Zohar Fresco began playing percussion instruments at a very young age. He swiftly became enamored with Oriental music and began to play with older musicians who had immigrated to Israel from Arab countries.

His exceptional musical curiosity and his interest in a wide range of styles have led him to perform with many artists in Israel and abroad. At the age of twenty­one he joined Bustam Abraham. He is also a member of Ziryab Trio and of Arabandi. A small sample of his international credits, apart from the above mentioned groups, include both recordings and performances with renowned composers Phillip Glass, Glen Velez, and Zakir Hussain. He is a member of a jazz trio, together with Polish pianist Leszek Możdżer and Swedish double bass player Lars Danielson. In addition to this, he is a teacher and head of the Oriental percussion department at the Jerusalem Music Academy.

Zohar Fresco is a virtuoso of many percussion instruments, and his performances with the frame drums (such as Bendir, Riqq, and Tar) have left audiences all over the world awestruck. After years of playing these instruments, he has developed original techniques that include influences of Arabic, Indian, Persian, and Turkish music, as well as Jazz. Zohar Fresco is undoubtedly one of the best and most sought after percussionists in the world, and a rising star on the international scene.


website: www.zoharfresco.com


05/2016: Frame Drums & Percussion