Walid Mahmoud

Walid Mahmoud

Born in the region of El Jadida, he is a singer and interpreter of Guembri rooted in the Moroccan school of oral transmission. His traditional training is the result of the teachings of great masters of “Gnaoua” such as Mohamed Koyo and Mokhtar Gania. 

In 2003 he began his professional career as a guitarist of “Anonyms”, years later and after moving to Barcelona, where he will develop his activity as a musician until today, he founds and leads as a singer and guitarist an African Roll project with which he will record his debut opera “Merhaba” (2013).

In 2015 in a vital search and fruit of the character of a tireless musician decides to venture into the genre “Gnaoua” as a singer and guembri player thus recovering the melodies of their roots with a formation that goes a little beyond the threshold of the traditional and proposes a folk-contemporary fusion that preserves with delicacy the features and purity of the essence of Gnaoua.

In 2017 Gnaoua music opens the doors of jazz with “Fitrah”, an experimental jazz trio formed by pianist Carlo Mezzino, and drummer Josafath Larios. At the beginning of 2018 he reaches maturity in the Arabian jazz fusion scene with “Gnawa Collective Ensemble” as a singer and performer of Guembri.