Tzvetanka Varimezova

Tzvetanka Varimezova

Tzvetanka Varimezova was born in Pazardzhik in Bulgarian Trace, and started singing and playing accordion at age 9. She went on to master tambura and piano, and studied folk music at Kotel High School for Folk Music and received a B.A. degree in choral conducting and folk instrument pedagogy from the Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

During the 1980s she performed with Ensemble “Trace” for five years as a soloist and assistant choral director, and conducted the ” Pazardzhik Ensemble Choir” for seven. In 1993 she began working with two Bulgarian-style choirs in Denmark, and also sang with “Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria” and “Les Grand Voix Bulgares”. During the 1990s she also was a soloist and assistant choral director of the ” Bulgarian National Ensemble of Folk Song and Dance Philip Koutev”, Sofia, Bulgaria.

In addition, she has worked and is still working with choirs from around the world, including Denmark, France, Greece, Japan, Switzerland, and numerous choirs in the United States including “Kitka”-San Francisco, “Nevenka”-Los Angeles, “Mila”-Minneapolis, Dunava”-Seattle, “Superdevoiche”-Los Angeles, “Global Choir”-Albuquerque, “Bulgarian Voices”,Seattle.

Tzvetanka Varimezova is well-known as a singing and conducting teacher around the world. Sins 2002 she has taught many singing workshops and she is still working with the workshops of “East European Folk Center”-Mendocino and New York, USA. From 2005 she works with Ross Daly at “Labyrinth Music Workshop”-Houdetsi, Greece . She also was invited to teach bulgarian folk singing at “The RMC-Rhythmic Music Conservatory”-Copenhagen, Denmark and at “The Music Conservatory”-Geneva, Switzerland.

Tzvetanka Varimezova has many solo recordings to her name and is well-known for her brilliant, high-pitched tone quality and her interpretations of the highly ornamented songs from her native Pazardzhik region and also all Bulgarian folk regions.

She performs regularly with her husband Ivan Varimezov well-known musician – bagpiper and teacher. Since 2001 they have been in residency at UCLA-University California Los Angeles where both Tzvetanka and Ivan Varimezovi are directors of UCLA Balkan Ensemble. Since 2010 they have the rank professors.