Peppe Frana

Peppe Frana

Passionate from a young age about rock music from America and overseas, he quickly became the nightmare of the best electric guitar teachers in the area. At 20 he was dazzled by interest in modal music from outside Europe thanks to the work of Ross Daly and took up the study of Turkish oud and other chordophones played with a plectrum, making frequent trips to Greece and Turkey. There he visited some of the most renowned masters: Yurdal Tokcan, Omer Erdogdular, Murat Aydemir, Daud Khan Sadozai and Ross Daly himself.

A meeting with the members of Ensemble Micrologus inspired his interest in European medieval music and in plectrum lute. He quickly became one of the most appreciated soloists and teachers specialising in Italian trecento repertoire. From 2013 he has been studying medieval lute at the Schola Cantorum in Basel Switzerland under the guidance of Crawford Young, marking his first experience of academic music study.

He has an honours degree in philosophy from the Istituto Universitario “L’Orientale” in Naples. He regularly works with many artists and musical projects in the world of early, eastern and non­classical music including Ensemble Micrologus, Ensemble Calixtinus, Ensemble Exaquier (Marco Ferrari, Fabio tricomi, Peppe Frana, Fabio Accurso), La Contraclau, Ensemble Trenca (Anna Danilevskaia, Atsushi Moriya, Pere Olive, Peppe Frana) Cantsilena, Ensemble Bahar, Mose Chiavoni and Vinicio Capossela. His flourishing artistic activities mean he has performed in the most prestigious festivals both in Italy and around the world.