Pelva Naik

Pelva Naik

Pelva Naik is one of the leading Indian vocalists of the ancient genre of classical Raga Music Tradition named Dhrupad.


Pelva has been trained in the Dhrupad style of vocal music under the eminent Dagar School of Indian classical music. She is a disciple of legendary Dhrupad Maestro Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar.

She has also received able guidance from rudraveena exponent Bahauddinn Dagar.


In her music, Pelva endeavors to adhere sincerely to the unique traditional elements that the Dhrupad form offers; at the same time, she is known to strive to cultivate fresh characteristics that are personal and distinct. 

Alāp- the slow and intricate elaboration of a Raga is the hallmark of the Dagar Gharana. She takes distinct interest in the exploration and formation of Raga in its most personal and solitary nature. 

Teaching and sharing the nuances of the art of Dhrupad is an integral part of her life and practice.


She is a student of life, art and music. She has been singing, teaching and performing this music in India and Internationally. Apart from countless prominent stages, to name a few, she has performed at:


Theatre De La Ville . France – Festival de Fes . Morocco – Ravenna Festival . Italy – 

Darbar Festival . UK – Prithvi Theater . Mumbai, India – Doverlane Music Conference . Kolkata 


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