Hooshang Farahani

Hooshang Farahani

Hooshang Farahani was born in 1967 in Farahan, the central province of Iran. He went school in Tehran and Karaj, he has got a degree in Psychology and Educational science, as well as in Ethnomusicology in the Art University of Tehran. He has been deeply attached to music and literature since his teen ages, which made him learn the Tar and Setar very soon. Later he started to work on music composition and its principles. In 1989, he composed two drama plays, which was his first professional experience.

Apart from being musician he is also an author and his writings include a collection of essays concerning the history of music, artists’ biographies, music therapy and the psychology of music. These articles have been translated and published in English. Hooshang Farahani plays Tar and Setar and composes orchestral pieces. He is playing in concerts in Iran and abroad and is considered to be one of the foremost exponents of Persian music. The last years he is promoting the Persian music by teaching in the Shyeda Music School in Karaj.


website: www.hooshangfarahani.com


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