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Pelva Naik – Dhrupad singing & Indian classical music

Indian classical music is a musical genre with a rich history and a wide variety of styles and techniques. Within this genre, Dhrupad is one of the oldest and most traditional styles. It  is known for its focus on the voice and the exploration of the different registers of the human voice.

Dhrupad is also characterized by its complex rhythmic structure and long, elaborate melodies. Over the centuries, it has evolved and been enriched by the contributions of many outstanding musicians and teachers, who have refined and expanded its techniques and styles.

In this workshop, we will focus on the basis of Dhrupad, on improvisation and the exploration of different nuances of the voice and instruments, as well as the practice of vocal routines according to the Indian classical tradition.

Participants will acquire a deeper understanding of Indian classical music and the Dhrupad in particular, and will have gained valuable tools to further explore and practice their own styles, as this workshop is open to artists from different musical backgrounds.

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