Online seminars information, dates and prices

What are the Labyrinth Online Group Music Seminars?

The Online Group Music Seminars are planned initially as an alternative to the canceled 5th edition of Labyrinth Catalunya Seminars at Cardedeu on the 3d-13th April 2020 because of the Covid-19 crisis. On one hand they can serve as a possible substitute for students that had registered for the initial seminars and can’t attend, but ultimately they are an adept available educational platform where – practically everyone around the world – can participate if she wishes to. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer (or tablet or smartphone) with a microphone and a camera. 

The teacher and students meet in a virtual room, where everybody can share his image and sound. Additionally, it is possible to share files, music, images and documents that everybody can edit and open. The basic disadvantage for an online group music class is that you can’t do what you would normally do effortlessly in a room with other people: play at the same time and listen simultaneously to everybody. But apart from that there are many things you can do, making the class a really enjoyable and fruitful experience.


When do they happen?

They will happen in two blocks of intensive 3 days seminar (as a substitute to the original 5 days) as following:

3-5 April & 10-12 April


16:00-17:00 General Introduction / Meeting / Learning the platform

17:00-20:00 1st Session 


10:00-12:00 2nd Session 

12:30-14:30 3d Session

17:00-19:00 4th Session


10:00-12:00 5th Session 

12:30-14:30 6th Session

17:00-19:00 7th Session

Total 15 hours of classes

Apart from the 3 days seminar there will be shorter group classes and presentations during the days leading to the seminars, in order to feel comfortable with the new environment as well as possibilities for everyone, so follow our announcements on social media and our check regularly our webpage


What do I have to do to participate? 

  • You can register through the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM
  • We will be using the “Zoom” program and platform, it’s very similar to the way Skype and other similar softwares work, only with more features that enable online teaching and co-working easier.
  • Upon registration, you will receive a link and instructions how to access the platform.


What is the price of the seminars? 

The price of the seminars is 100 € for 15 hours of class + 1 hour of adaptation to the online platform. For students that had made a registration for the seminars in Cardedeu there will be a 10 % discount. If you get registered to two seminars, you will also have a 10 % discount in the price of the seminars

1 seminar: 100 € (90 € for Cardedeu’s students)

2 seminars: 180 €  (non acumulative discount with the one of Cardedeu’s students)

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