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Mustafa Said: Arabic Music / 1st period / April 3 – 5, 2020

This seminar will focus on the interpretation and understanding of Arabic Classical Music, through the study of vocal and instrumental works, special ornamentation technics, as well as improvisation / taqsim on different maqams. Some historical background will be given, and there will be audio examples that will be listened to, from the archive of AMAR. Mustafa Said is the Director of the Arab Music Archiving and Research enterprise (AMAR) in Lebanon and was a former professor at the House of Oud in Cairo as well as an instructor in musicology at the Higher Institute of Music of the Antonin University in Lebanon, so his participation at the 5th edition of Labyrinth Catalunya is much expected, as well as for his teaching and also his performance during the festival at Cardedeu. All instrumentalists or singers are welcome in the workshop which can serve as a wider introduction to Arabic Music.

Read more about Mustafa Said here & listen to his albums here.


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