Modal Music I, II, III, IV & V

Modal Music I, II, III, IV & V, by Christos Barbas, Peppe Frana & Efrén López

The annual course in Modal Music 2018-19 aims to offer a extensive introduction to modality, an underlying concept in the majority of musical genres found throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle-East. It is structured on one hand as a cohesive study during five intensive weekends at Cardedeu, in order to encourage participation of musicians, not only from Catalunya but also abroad, that are interested in a thorough study, and on the other as independent stand-alone intensive weekend seminars, for musicians that have less time available during the year but are equally interested in the study of these musics.

Each one of the three teachers offering the course: Efrén López, Peppe Frana and Christos Barbas will share their own experience & views in areas as theory, interpretation, improvisation, composition, technic and ornamentation in a variety of musics ranging from classical, folk and spiritual musical traditions from the Eastern Mediterranean and countries as Turkey, Greece, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iran as well as through original and contemporary modal compositions.

Each one of the five courses (Modal Music I-V) will be dedicated to the study of specific modes modes/makam in the following order:


Useful information

Here it is the full program of the monthly workshops:

The workshops will be in Cardedeu with the following time-table:

The price for each workshop is 120€. Registering for five workshops, you get a 10% discount from the total amount. In order to participate in a course it is necessary to make the payment before the 10th day of the corresponding month.

You can register here.

For any questions or doubts you can contact us at through mail at:

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