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Lamia Yared – Classical Arabic Singing & Repertoire 26-27/11/2022

This workshop will focus on technical aspects of classical Arabic singing, in particular the repertoire of Muwashahat from Aleppo and Egypt. It is aimed at both beginners and intermediate students, with some singing experience but not necessarily in classical Arabic singing.

The course’s content and objectives:

  • Initiation to the intervals of the different Maqams
  • Interpretation of the Muwashahat repertoire
  • Introduction to common Muwashahat rhythms
  • Basics of Middle – Eastern singing technique

The Muwashah (plural Muwashahat) is the first vocal passage of the waṣla (series of interconnected muwashshaḥāt) of a classical Arabic repertoire, a musical form that emerged and flourished in Aleppo in the 17th century.


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