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Kelly Thoma Lyra repertoire and ornamentation for Nyckelharpa and Hurdy Gurdy 30/09-03/10/2021

(open to other bowed instruments)

In this workshop Kelly Thoma will teach a number of contemporary compositions as well as traditional folk tunes from Crete and elsewhere, in the way she interprets them on the lyra, sharing a lot of details and analyzing ways of embellishment and dynamics, which would potentially be interesting for the swedish nyckelharpa, the hurdy gurdy as well as other bowed instruments.

After many years of collaboration with the exceptional composer and hurdy gurdy player Efrén López, as well as the equally wonderful nyckelharpa player Eléonore Billy, it has been apparent to Kelly that these two instruments can breathe new life into these tunes whilst the players can broaden their repertoire and their aesthetics towards a new musical world. Surprisingly enough there is a lot of common space shared in the lyra technique and that of these instruments’, therefore the students will not be asked to change their technique, on the contrary they will have the opportunity to try new things and expand their ornamentation and style, whilst using the capabilities of their own instruments to transform these tunes creatively into a new sound.

Scores will be used selectively but a lot of the repertoire will also be taught orally and hopefully memorized by heart.


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