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Kelly Thoma & Efrén López: Modal Music Group

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore an extended variety of repertoire through the guidance of Efrén López and Kelly Thoma, two musicians coming from both ends of the Mediterranean, that have focused on contemporary modal music through their educational, compositional and performing work during the last few decades.

Kelly and Efrén will lead you through a number of traditional as well as contemporary compositions and together you will discover their creative possibilities, the dynamics as well as their melodic and rhythmic balances. Together we will analyze and perform pieces belonging to several traditions that use those modal systems: Greek, Turkish, Iranian, Arabic, Azeri, Afghan music… Both in their melodic/intervallic and
rhythmic aspects.

Departing from the analysis of all this material we can create our own compositions, arrangements
and improvisations, enriching our musicianship by incorporating to our vocabulary particular intervals, modes, techniques, odd time signatures and other elements belonging to these musical traditions.

The two teachers will work with the group together as well as independently and will unfold their different approaches to the learning processes and the ensemble playing.

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