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Katerina Papadopoulou: Greek Singing / 2nd period / April 9 – 13, 2020

The seminar will focus on teaching songs, vocal technics and ornamentation from different regions of Greece, especially from the Asia Minor, Dodecanese and the Black Sea repertories. Emphasis will be given on the idioms of each region, musically and linguistically, by analyzing melodic phrases and exercises resulting from the songs themselves. We will deal with Issues of pronunciation, articulation, through a special adaptation for non-Greek speakers.

We will also have the chance to examine differences of group vs individual singing, classical vs popular songs through examples, as well as the ‘journey’ of the songs from place to place and the subsequent change of their function as well as their character. We will also practice on modern and more antique styles of singing.

Continuing with last years of work, we will combine singing and dancing, extending our voices till the tip of our feet! In the morning classes, the study of singing with Katerina will take place, while in the afternoon we will learn to dance the same songs with Chariton.

All singers involved in professional or amateur singing are admitted to the workshop.

Read more about Katerina Papadopoulou & listen to her album “Notio Toxo in Karpathos” on Spotify


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