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Indradeep Ghosh: Indian Classical Music / 2nd period / April 10 – 12, 2020

Topics that will be covered are the following:

-Study of 10 Thaats (modes) of Hindustani Music
-Basic Alankars (ornaments) of Indian Music like meend, gamaka, krintan, etc.
-Compositions in most popular Ragas (modes) of Indian Music
-Study of different Taalas (rythmic cycles) and compositions in them.
-Creating musical phrases and improvising with those to elaborate Vistars and Taans
-Concept of Tihai and how to create one.
-Complete presentation of Raga with its different phases of improvisation (Alap / Jhod / Jhala) as well as fixed compositions.

Read more about Indradeep Ghosh and listen to his music here.

*This seminar is co-organized with Gungur Arts and it is happening in Badalona. If you want more information or to register write to  j.prats@gungur.com (Jordi Prats). The price of the seminar is the same with the ones happening in Cardedeu. You can register here .


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