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Giannis Koutis Oud & Makam 30/09-03/10/2021

This course will explore Eastern Mediterranean music as expressed on the oud. We will focus on oud technique, particularly picking techniques and ornamentation. We will implement this in the interpretation of selected repertoire in fundamental makamlar (modes), while also introducing the concept of taksim (rule-based melodic improvisation) and its components: structure, phraseology, and development.

Our material will be the classical repertoire of the Ottoman period, which developed out of the many cultures that lived under the umbrella of the Ottoman Empire. This musical language is founded on melodic development at both the compositional and improvisational levels. We will pay particular attention to the analysis of melodic phrases of the selected compositions.

This course is for oud players who are comfortable with their instruments, already somewhat familiar with the makam system. As this course focuses on Ottoman repertoire, it is ideal to have an oud with standard Turkish or Arabic tuning (high string D or C). By the end of this course you will have a significant amount of information in order to further develop your playing and perception of the oud and makam system.


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