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Evgenios Voulgaris – Rebetiko Music 26-27/11/2022

Seminar – Workshop of music theory and practice
Rebetiko, the urban popular music of the middle – World War period.
with Evgenios Voulgaris


Evgenios Voulgaris will present the theoretical system of this particular musical genre, as well as aspects of its techniques and practice.

The workshop will deal with examples from the rebetiko repertoire approaching both its melodic and harmonic dimensions, since the guitar has an important and special position as a rhythmic instrument support, apart from other melodic instruments that participate in the music. 

In the context of the analysis of examples, improvisation will be approached (taximi) as well as the logic of using melodic modes (makam).

The seminar-workshop is open and aimed at everyone who wants to deepen their direct or indirect contact with the specific repertoire of rebetiko music.


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