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Derya Turkan: Music ensemble: ottoman & turkish classical music / 2nd Period / 18 – 22 April 2019

Derya Turkan is one of the leading exponents of Turkish Classical and Ottoman music today. His direct apprenticeship with myths of the previous century as Kani Karaca and Necdet Yasar, as well he countless collaborations in discography and live concerts around the world make him one of the most sought-after musicians. His unique style on the kemençe and the mastery of the world of makam music, permit him adapt a traditional and classical instrument to a modern era through improvisations and very special interpretive skills. In his seminar he will guide a musical group through the classical and traditional repertory of makam, to newer sounds and improvisations. The workshop is open to all instrumentalists and / or singers that wish to be acquainted with the art of modal music through the classical and contemporary repertory.


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