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Ciro Montanari & Jordi Prats – Indian Classical Music 13-17/04/2022

Indian Classical Music is widely considered as one of the most complex and multi-layered musical traditions of the world. It offers unique & elaborate tools into the way melody and rhythm are perceived, and already since the 70s, non-Indian musicians for various other genres have been interested in learning it and adapting elements from it to their own music adding freshness and complexity in their compositions and in the interaction within their bands. 

In this seminar we will analyse and dive deep into the Modes (Ragas) and Rhythms (Talas) of North India. We learn ways to unfold the path of notes that gives life to Indian music, through nuances, ornamentation, intonation and explanations of theoretical and aesthetic aspects of the Raga system. Parallely we will work on rhythm, both for melodic and percussion players, as well as ways to improvise using elements and syllables from the Indian musical language.

At times the seminar will be split in two, in order to work on the melodic and rhythmic tools separately with Jordi and Ciro and afterwards combine them playing all together. We will focus on classical compositions in a variety of rhythmic cycles as well as on tools for improvisation, orchestration and composition, creating thus a fertile ground where the creativity and musicality of the participants can be nurtured and enhanced by this centuries old tradition.


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