Christos Barbas & Samvad / SURPRISE CONCERT – Festival’s closing

Sunday 21/04
Christos Barbas & Samvad
SURPRISE CONCERT – Festival’s closing
Tèxtil Rase
22:00h – 12€ & 8€ *
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The trio’s sound consists of a somewhat rare, yet familiar, combination of solely Wind instruments: the Ney, the Bansuri, the silver Flute and the Saxophone. Igino Giovanni Brunori and Virginia Nicoli (Samvad) are an innovative musical duo crafting new sounds from ancient materials. Samvad’s music is founded on the most rigorous traditions of Indian Classical music, the Dhrupad and the Ragas. Christos Barbas plays the ney, the reed flute from Turkey, having study the classical Ottoman and Sufi repertory and the Makam for the last 15 years. His music making is also informed by his background in classical, contemporary and improvised music. In their own words:” Maybe some centuries-old connections bridge the musics coming from India and the ones that are played in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, through the similar material (the reed in the Ney and the Bansuri) or even through the similarity of modal systems, the Ragas & Makams. We decide to go on making music, informed by our background, but not tied to any preconceived ideas of how things should sound like.”

Igino Giovanni Brunori, saxo and bansuri / Virginia Nicoli, silver flute and bansuri / Christos Barbas, ney

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