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Christos Barbas: Ney / 2nd period / April 10 – 12, 2020

This seminar will focus on the techniques and interpretation of the Ney flute. The Ney is one of the main instruments of classical and popular music in Turkey, Iran and the Arab countries, and in fact it is one of the oldest instruments we know even though its use is relatively recent in Europe, the Western world and other parts of the world. 

Therefore, in addition to playing a varied repertoire from traditional, classical and modern compositions, as well as working with improvisation, this seminar will focus especially on those elements of performance that can release the versatile potential of the Ney to play more musics and adapt to different environments: sound production, tuning, fingering, head, lips and combined techniques, vibrato and dynamics will be addressed through a series of exercises. In addition, making use of the online platform we will use transcription programs, annotated scores and other relevant tools that can enhance the learning process.

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