Cardedeu is a town of 18.000 inhabitants  38 kilometers northeast of Barcelona. It is located in a natural setting at the foot of Montseny Mountain  and has historically been considered a strategic point in the communication routes between Barcelona and Girona, cities with which it’s  now  well  linked  both  by  train,  bus  and  motorway  or  country  roads.  His  train  line  also communicates directly with the Barcelona Airport.


In the historic center we can find an ideal combination between tradition and modernity and its surroundings still retain the characteristics of an inland plain area where cereal crops and livestock predominate, and are dominated by small hills and gentle valleys that make up a landscape patchwork of fields and mediterranean forest.

Cardedeu  is  also  a  very  open  and  dynamic  town.  It  is  characterized  by  its  great  cultural activity and a large association network. We can regularly find there many  cultural events: dance, theater, poetry, literature, circus, outdoor performances, exhibitions, a cinema with a regular  program  of  films  in  original  version  unreleased,  or  hardly  visible  in  commercial displays (Esbarjo Verdi), a local television channel (the first local Spanish State television) and much more.

Cardedeu Guide (in catalan)
Municipality of Cardedeu website




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