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Bijan Chemirani: Frame Drums & Zarb

Bijan Chemirani is a unique musician with a very rich and varied background. He is the youngest son of the renowned Iranian percussionist Djamchid Chemirani and therefore heir to a very rich legacy focusing on the traditional Iranian instrument of percussion, the Zarb or tombak.

Due to the fact however that he was born and raised in France, he came into contact with a myriad of other musicians from other traditions and subsequently developed a style of playing very much his own which incorporates elements from many different directions and musical idioms. He is particularly well-known for his very refined aesthetic sense and a complete lack of the exhibitionist tendencies which so often plague the world of percussion. Living in Marseille, Bijan is in close contact with the Mediterranean culture and with that of Occitania. His open mind enables him to increase his capacities constantly…

In this seminar, he will focus on techniques and approaches to accompanying various musical styles with percussion. He will work on the basics and more advanced technique on both Tombak and Daf and
composed rhythm cycles (7 beat, 9 beat, 11 beat etc..). Also combining some polyrhythmic rhythm and
unisson(2 or 3 rhythmic lines). Improvisation and singing rhythmical patterns as a way to feel them before. Playing them on the drums!

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