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Aleix Tobias Sabater: Iberian Percussion / 29 March – 2 April 2018

This workshop aims to learn the main rhythms of the folklore of the  Iberian peninsula, as well as the evolution of the language that instruments such as small and large tambourines (“pandereta” y “pandero”), square tambourine (“pandero cuadrado”)  or the  “cajón” have adopted in recent years.

The rhythms that will be worked have been at the service of the accompaniment of dancing,  songs of celebration, work, lullabies … of religious ceremonies. Some examples of these rhythms may be the  jota or the seguidilla, the ajechao,  charro, charrada,  tangos, bulerias, alegrias, sevillanas, corridos maragatos, sorteaos, entradillas, boleros and much more.

(Aleix Tobias Sabater)


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